Sary-Oi v., 14 km away from Cholpon-Ata town

A sauna is a great place to relax with friends, improve your mood and, moreover, help maintain youth and increase beauty. After the sauna, a feeling of extraordinary lightness is created throughout the body

There are two saunas in the Raduga resort center


Sauna in the pool

The pool has tables and a bar. After swimming in the pool, you can visit the sauna, which helps you relax, improves blood circulation, strengthens the immune system and cleanses the skin. It is useful for athletes who want to relieve muscle tension after training.

Sauna in the Wellness Center

Sauna + cold bath. Alternating heat and cold is an excellent workout for the cardiovascular system and strengthens the immune system.

After exercising on the gym + sauna + cold bath. A physiotherapeutic procedure aimed at preventing or relieving muscle pain. Immersing the body in cold water is believed to promote recovery from exercise by lowering temperature, slowing blood flow, and eliminating inflammation in muscle tissue.

Before visiting the sauna, thoroughly wash the accumulated dirt from the body so that it is not absorbed into the skin during the procedure.